China’s peacekeeping troops to Darfur in Sudan hold national commemorative ceremony

 It is worth the sixth national public sacrifice day for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre. I went to Sudan ’s Darfur peacekeeping troops to hold a commemorative ceremony on the 13th to commemorate the victims. Further accumulate confidence and determination to maintain world peace.   China’s peacekeeping force in Darfur, Sudan, consists of the 15th […]

Judicial cooperation in Hebei military and territory to safeguard national defense

Hebei Province’s military and territory jointly issued the “Opinions on Strengthening Military-Government Judicial Cooperation to Protect National Defense Interests and the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Soldiers and Military Members”, which clarified the content and system of military-territorial judicial cooperation. And work methods, and the establishment of provincial, city and county three-level workstations.     Provincial Justice […]

North Korea announces another “major test

 A spokesman for the Korean Academy of National Defense said on the 14th that North Korea will conduct another “major test” at the West Sea satellite launch site on the evening of the 13th. Strengthen the “strategic nuclear containment power” of the country.   North Korea ’s Central News Agency quoted a statement from the spokesperson […]