China-Japan First Astronaut Dialogue in Tokyo

China ’s first astronaut and deputy chief designer of China ’s manned aerospace engineering, and Japan ’s first astronaut and curator of Japan ’s Science Future Museum held a dialogue in Tokyo on the 14th. . Yang Liwei expressed his willingness to cooperate with countries in the world including Japan.

  The dialogue on space exploration was held on the 14th at the Japan Science and Future Museum in Tokyo. It was open to approximately 200 pre-applied audiences and was fully occupied. Yang Liwei and Mao Liwei recalled their original intentions in the space industry and the challenges they experienced in space, and felt the greatness of the earth and the smallness of human beings when they looked at the earth in space.

  The two introduced the status and vision of the space industry in their respective countries. Yang Liwei said that China’s manned spaceflight has gone through 27 years and sent 11 astronauts into space. It is expected that by 2022, China will build its own space station. China has been actively cooperating with other countries in international cooperation in scientific experiments and space training. The program design of the China Space Station includes international cooperation cabin interface.

  Yang Liwei said that although this is his first time in Japan, he and many Japanese astronauts are old friends. Japan is very advanced in the field of aerospace, and its infrastructure, transportation capacity and construction of spacecraft are all world-class. China has an open and cooperative attitude in the field of space. In the future, space cooperation between China and Japan will be possible at different stages and under different needs. This also requires joint efforts by both sides.

  When Yang Liwei and Mao Liwei recalled their experiences in space, they mentioned that there is no national border from the perspective of space.

  The host of the dialogue also mentioned that Yang Liwei and Mao Liwei’s names are similar in Chinese pronunciation, and this coincidence caused laughter at the audience. Mao Liwei also said “challenge the unknown, challenge the limits” in Chinese at the end of the dialogue, and called on humanity to explore the universe together.

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 8:39 am

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