How to Make veterans more happy

Departments of veterans affairs in various places have actively launched specific measures to provide better services and guarantees for veterans. Veterans are getting happier.

    Another year of veteran season, hundreds of thousands of soldiers take off their uniforms, bid farewell to their comrades-in-arms, and move to a new stage of life. Retired soldiers have made important contributions to national defense and army building, and are an important force in socialist modernization. Doing good work for retired soldiers is of great significance to strengthening national defense and army building, promoting economic and social development, maintaining political security and social stability.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is the “home of veterans.” After leaving the army and coming to the place, whether the retired soldiers have a sense of belonging and can quickly adapt to new work and life depends to a large extent on the availability of “home” service guarantees. Sincere care and concern for retired soldiers, enthusiasm to help them solve practical difficulties, and strive to enhance the happiness of retired soldiers, is more conducive to inspiring the morale and morale of the majority of active officers and soldiers to protect their homeland, and encourage more young people with aspiring to participate in national defense and army building.

    In recent years, at the national level, the security policy for veterans has continued to improve. Especially after the formation of the Department of Veterans Affairs last year, the work of veterans has reached a new level, started a new journey, and demonstrated a new climate. From organizing free vocational training for retired soldiers to improving the placement of innovative military cadres, from optimizing the relocation of military retired cadres to government resettlement procedures, improving the protection of military retirees, from raising preferential treatment standards to families for martyrs, military members, and veterans Hanging glorious cards, etc., a series of intimate and warm policies were introduced intensively. Regarding these “great packages” of supporting and benefiting the army, all localities are further improving the coordination of policies and systems, launching corresponding supporting policies, earnestly caring for the lives of soldiers, retired soldiers, and their families, and opening up the “last mile” of the policy.

    Employment placement is a major issue for people’s livelihood. The quality of placement directly affects the quality of life of retired soldiers. Retiring soldiers to suitable jobs will not only safeguard their lives, but also bring vitality and vitality to the institutions and enterprises they serve. On the basis of summing up experience, we should further do a good job in resettlement of veterans, strengthen education and training, implement preferential policies, and increase their employment and entrepreneurship success rate.

    Issues such as troublesome return procedures and inadequate social insurance connections had once plagued veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs wants the veterans to think what they want, and what they need to do urgently. In these areas, they put forward practical and practical institutional methods. Many places are keeping up with the pace and keeping abreast of the reality, launching a “one-stop” service to improve efficiency and shorten processes, so that more information and data can “run the road”, so that retired soldiers can run less and get wide praise. The level of service guarantee for retired soldiers should be further improved. For retired soldiers who have difficulties in their lives, they should use a variety of support policies and take effective measures to effectively solve their problems.

    Veterans are valuable human resources and social wealth. We must serve the veterans with enthusiasm, further implement the party and the country’s care and care for the veterans, help them retire without disintegration and veterans, and actively participate in the great cause of national rejuvenation with a confident attitude and full of enthusiasm. Let the spirit of soldiers, the character of soldiers, and the nature of soldiers shine in all positions.

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 8:17 am

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