Judicial cooperation in Hebei military and territory to safeguard national defense

Hebei Province’s military and territory jointly issued the “Opinions on Strengthening Military-Government Judicial Cooperation to Protect National Defense Interests and the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Soldiers and Military Members”, which clarified the content and system of military-territorial judicial cooperation. And work methods, and the establishment of provincial, city and county three-level workstations.

    Provincial Justice Department, Provincial Military District Political Work Bureau, and Shijiazhuang Military Court jointly established a provincial military and local judicial cooperation workstation in Hebei. Judicial administrative agencies in each city and county set up military law in the military subdivisions (guard areas) and counties (cities, districts). Assistance stations and perform judicial and military coordination functions at the same level. According to requirements, judicial administrative organs at all levels regularly select professional lawyers on duty to provide legal advice and accept applications for legal aid. Judicial administrative organs should work with the same level of the office of the leading group for military-related rights protection to inspect and evaluate lawyers on duty.

    In order to benefit more soldiers and military affiliates, workstations at all levels in the province gradually expanded the scope and coverage of legal aid for military cadres, adhered to the principle of full assistance, and gradually expanded the types of legal aid cases. They also requested financial departments at all levels to include military legal aid funding into the scope of protection, and explore the establishment of a special military legal aid fund for military legal aid cases. Applicants for military assistance who apply for legal aid are subject to twice the standard of minimum living security for local urban and rural residents, and provide telephone rights, postal rights, and door-to-door rights for soldiers and their families who have special difficulties such as injuries, disability, and major military tasks. And other convenient services.

    According to An Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Hebei Military-Junior Judicial Collaboration Workstation Office, after the “Opinions” was promulgated, workstations at all levels actively docked with the troops stationed in Hebei and planned to use the National Security Education Day, National Constitution Day, and Army Building Day. , Through legal counseling, lectures on the rule of law, donating legal books, etc. to carry out activities to send law to the barracks. In addition, they also rely on the official website of the judicial department, Jifatong APP, 12348 service hotline, etc., and gradually build a convenient, efficient, fast-response, military-space sharing rights-related network platform, and realize the military-ground justice process, all elements, multi-directional, Complementary development.

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 8:47 am

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