New steps in construction of our military training base and simulated blue army

  From December 12th to 13th, the first annual meeting of the entire army training base and mock blue army construction was held in Sanya, Hainan. Relevant leaders in the military training field, more than a hundred officers and experts of the training base gathered in a joint training base of the navy, and gathered wisdom to carry out the top-level design of the construction of the training grounds of the entire army. Promote the construction of training bases and simulated blue forces.

    The leader of the Training Management Department of the Military Commission introduced that the construction of training bases and simulated blues is crucial to the generation of combat effectiveness. Grasp the “bull nose” that can hold the training and prepare for war, leveraging the transformation of military training and accelerating the transformation of the generation mode of combat effectiveness. In the future, an annual conference mechanism will be established, each year selecting a training base, focusing on a theme, exchanging fresh experiences, solving realistic problems, and promoting construction.

    The annual conference will focus on researching and solving training support concepts and top-level design of construction and development, legal system and “mother law” construction, training bases, and simulation of the construction and development of the Blue Army through tutoring lectures, briefings, observation studies and discussions and exchanges. problem. The meeting also reviewed the standards for the construction of joint training bases, discussed matters related to military training support, and planned to simulate the construction of the Blue Army.

    Participants believed that the annual meeting deeply explored the root causes of the training field, seized the key points that restricted the development of training, and came up with practical and effective strategies. As the person responsible for the training base and the simulation of the Blue Army, we must always adhere to the problem-oriented, innovative warfare and training methods, and give full play to the role of the training base’s “incubator” and the Blue Army’s “grinding stone

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 8:30 am

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