“New Uniqin” in the New Era

issued a banner and a training speech to the newly formed joint logistics support force, and issued a command to “strive to build a strong modern joint logistics support force.” Integration of arms and joint support. For more than three years, how did this army build the “Battle for New Joint Logistics”? Not long ago, the reporter visited the Joint Logistics Support Force.

    The soldiers and horses did not move, the forages went first. In the parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the team of the Joint Logistics Support Corps walked through Tiananmen for the first time with the unique power of “Steel Joint Logistics” and made its debut in the world. As the “grass official” in the new era, the United Logistics Support Army has been striding forward and striding forward in the trumpet of reform and strengthening the army.

Build up the “Soul of Lianqin”, hold high the torch of the new era

    Lens: “My belief in the party was established under the special experience of the two days of the old and the new society. Once established, it has not wavered. I firmly believe that if you follow the Communist Party, you follow the truth and you will go to the light!” Not long ago, At the theoretical rotation training course for the military cadres of the Joint Logistics Support Corps, the 95-year-old academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Jieshou confessed his true feelings.

    Commander-in-chief, the three armies share the same idea. From the moment Chairman Xi gave the flag, a blueprint for joint logistics support that resolutely listened to the party’s command, focused on winning the war, determined to reform and innovate, and high-quality and high-efficiency guarantees spread slowly. “Remember the training words, pay tribute to the military banner” series of activities in the five joint logistics support center level, the 6 military command leadership cadres in-depth training step by step …

    “Efforts to build a strong and modern joint logistics support force!” Entering the compound courtyard of the joint logistics support force in Wuhan, the chairman’s training wall was clearly in sight. Since its establishment, the joint logistics support force has used training words as the general program for construction and development. The Party Committee ’s central group has learned training words for the “first topic”, recruits, recruits, and “first lesson” learning words for various recruits. Achieve harmony.

    In response to the fact that there is no experience to follow in the construction of new combat forces, they adhere to the “problem-driven learning, learning to solve problems” mentality, make good use of the original method, timely follow-up studies, and special seminars to grasp the “big training of party committee secretaries” The party construction work survey “Lianqin Party Building Lecture Hall” studied and introduced 17 53 specific measures to strengthen party building.

    The spiritual torch gives birth to infinite power. A series of advanced models, represented by Wu Yong, an “individual pacesetter in military preparations,” are constantly emerging, reflecting the glory and dreams of all the officers and men of the United Front for the front and victory.

    “Climbing, we also need to deliver medicines; when we die, we also have to save the wounded …” During the first party congress of the Joint Logistics Support Force, a reflection of the spirit of the army officers and soldiers in implementing the spirit of safeguarding wins and integrating development Situational stories will have a strong response in the army.

Casting a “joint gene”, setting everything up for war course coordinates

    Lens: Gunfire smoke, a rare blood type wounder is dying due to excessive blood loss, the health battalion immediately sends a drone to deliver the matched blood to the scene; an artillery unit of the army sends out a fuel supply request, and the oil battalion quickly goes out to open a field gas station …… Last mid-summer last year, the “Joint Service Mission” actual soldier exercise was held, which was an important battle for the joint service support force to explore a new path for joint combat training and joint support.

    Charge at the start and run into battle. At the beginning of its establishment, the joint logistics support force aimed at “focusing on building all logistics for warfare”, taking a special construction pilot as an opportunity, exploring role positioning and coordination of operations on the command chain, and accelerating the command method, information means, and strength of the joint combat system. The use of deep integration and integrated joint support capabilities is rising.

    It is understood that the joint battle, joint training, and joint guarantee have become the consensus and normality of this new force, and a series of actions occur frequently.

    ——Consolidate the foundation of “connection”. Carry out research on key issues of joint logistics support, revise and improve joint logistics support plans for different strategic directions and different combat operations, and implant “joint genes” for the first generation of joint logistics personnel.

    ——The ability to sharpen the “union”. Organize mobile support forces into more than 50 joint exercises and trainings in various theaters and branches of the military, and one support team will participate in the battle throughout the entire dimension and sharpen the hard work of support.

    -Forging the fist of “Lian”. Enrich the emergency forces and forge the joint force to support fist forces. In August this year, a bus carrying Chinese tourists suffered a serious car accident in Laos. The medical team of the Eastern Theater General Hospital, which is participating in the “Peace Train-2019” humanitarian medical rescue joint training activity in Laos, quickly launched a rescue operation, dozens of compatriots All were treated.

    The person in charge of the Joint Logistics Support Force told reporters that they initially established a joint command chain, support chain, and management chain with clear functions, clear relationships, and smooth and efficient operations. Security capabilities have been continuously improved.

 Polish “golden signboards” to forge high-quality and efficient protection of cutting-edge soldiers

    Camera: The field ammunition depot opens the organization of command and instruction, seawater drowning and rescue teaching … From December 2nd to 6th, the Joint Logistics Support Force organized the evaluation of outstanding “Four Meetings” coaches for the first time, with 29 outstanding coaches from nearly a hundred grassroots Stands out in the “Beach Instructor”. The content of this evaluation highlights combat, application, and comprehensiveness, closely follows the characteristics of the joint logistics support industry, and fully integrates into the actual combat background.

    “Everything that meets the fighting standards can forge a high-quality and efficient support vanguard.” The leaders of the Joint Logistics Support Force stated that they are working hard to open up the “last mile” of the joint combat and joint security and build a public service platform, which will not only fully support the main services of the military, but also fully Serve the main battle zone.

    Once, a brigade of the army in the western theater moved to the central theater to participate in the exercise. Due to the temporary increase of training courses, it was urgent to replenish a batch of oil. Reported to the Joint Logistics Support Unit by phone, and they immediately determined that it would be provided by an oil depot near the exercise area. Lianqin truly realized fast response, close proximity and accurate guarantee.

    Proceeding from improving the sense of gain of officers and soldiers, the Joint Logistics Support Force continued to build an “upgraded version” of serving the soldiers, allowing more joint logistics support bonuses to benefit the entire army.

    Mu Zhikai, chief of the fourth sergeant in Yongxing Island, Xisha, had knee pain for more than a month. On the eve of National Day this year, with the opening of a 5G remote outpatient service by the Hainan Hospital of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Hospital of Sansha City on Yongxing Island, Mu Zhikai received an expert remote control of nuclear magnetic equipment inspection without leaving the island. According to reports, today’s “5G + medical” technology enables the hospital’s medical staff to remotely control the outpatient workstations, pharmacy systems, and ultrasound, nuclear magnetic, and CT equipment of the Sansha People’s Hospital.

    This is a microcosm of the Joint Logistics Support Service serving the entire army. They took advantage of the system, implemented “All Netcom” out-patient consultations, implemented military personnel travel according to law, and explored “factory-to-military” one-stop supply. In addition, the United Logistics Support Force accurately assisted 54 poor counties and county-level hospitals to pass the level assessment, and more than 1,780 poor households achieved poverty alleviation.

    In the parade training to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the United Logistics Support Station stood behind the scenes, and carefully provided a “one-stop” base-based service guarantee, which was widely praised by military officers and soldiers. Nowadays, “quality service sees Lianqin, and it is difficult to find Lianqin” has become a common consensus among the officers and men of the entire army.

Create “green mountains and green waters” and reshape the strict and pragmatic political ecology

    Lens: Recently, Zhanwen Wang, assistant to the Joint Logistics Support Bureau, is busy. The munitions energy industry cleanup and rectification work he has entered into the establishment of chapters and regulations will form a series of results: a set of education books, a problem ledger, a set of Measures and measures for industry climate construction and mechanisms for accountability.

    In response to the actual work of holding money bags, prescribing prescriptions, and building houses at all levels, the Party Committee of Lianqin Security Forces cracked down on six problems in the financial, engineering, and procurement industries, and organized 175 industry chief executives. With the implementation of political training, the industry’s morale continues to improve.

    Xining Lianqin Security Center has established a mechanism to supervise and discuss the major issues of supply and security. The monthly disciplinary committee, together with the agency’s business department, analyzes and judges the prone links of corruption in supply and security, and proposes targeted preventive measures.

    Faced with the fact that suspended compensation projects accounted for 1/3 of the entire army, heavy work tasks, and many contradictions, the Party Committee of the Joint Logistics Support Force strictly compacted its responsibilities, accurately grasped the policy, shut down the projects as scheduled, and successfully completed the related projects.

    Focusing on the good looks of Lianqin people, Lianqin guarantees the troops to start the work style, start with strict rules, and cultivate a clean, refreshing and fresh ecology.

    —— Lay strict foundations. Establish a mechanism of “members of the Standing Committee linked to each other and organs to organize construction by piece”, and formulate opinions on strengthening regular ideological work, regular management work, regular psychological service work, and frequent trouble-shooting and problem-solving work.

    -Establish the image from above. The party committee of the Joint Logistics Support Force insists on the selection of personnel and its “standards, attitudes, and bottom line”. It is very clear that it has established a clear direction of “relying on itself and progressing based on actual performance.”

    ——Strict implementation of discipline and righteousness. Two inspection teams have been sent to inspect two military-level units, and then gradually patrol the affiliated military units one by one to achieve full coverage of inspection supervision.

    The joint logistics support troops who have gone through more than three years of journey, adhere to the unchanged military soul, and strive to write the glory of the new era towards the party’s goal of strengthening the army in the new era.

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