The Central Propaganda Department awarded the “model of the times

On the 13th, the Central Propaganda Department publicized and released the advanced deeds of the Navy “He square boat” hospital ship to a whole society in a military port in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, and awarded the hospital ship the “model of the era” title. .

  The Navy’s “Square Boat” hospital ship is China’s first standard ocean-going hospital ship. It is a pioneer ship that fulfills the party’s goal of strengthening the army in the new era and promotes the development and transformation of the navy. Since its entry into the hospital, the hospital ship has taken the “harmonious mission” as its main carrier, braved the ocean to hone its strength in ocean health support, and traveled overseas to carry out humanitarian medical services. Win the ability, pass the concept of peace in the rescue and rescue the wounded, went abroad 9 times, sailed more than 240,000 nautical miles, served 43 countries and regions and more than 230,000 person-times, greatly improving the level of preparing for war and serving the national political and foreign affairs overall And won high praise at home and abroad. In 2019, it was awarded the “China Youth May Fourth Medal Collective” by the Communist Youth League Central Committee and the All-China Youth Federation. It was honored by the Navy as the “Outstanding Contribution Unit for the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Navy.” 1 time.

  In recent time, the advanced deeds of the Navy ’s “He square boat” hospital ship have been widely publicized and reported in the media, and have caused a warm response in the whole society. The vast majority of cadres and masses believe that the Navy’s “Square Boat” hospital ship is a loyal practitioner of Xi Jinping’s strong military thinking and a ship’s messenger who guards peace for thousands of miles. Their advanced deeds have fully demonstrated the firm political nature of officers and men of the army, keeping in mind the leaders’ entrustment, serving the party, and the national strategy, focusing on their strong missions that are responsible for their main business, rigorously preparing for military preparations, and shouldering international responsibilities and defending a good international image of world peace. Officers and soldiers of the army have stated that they must conscientiously study and implement Xi Jinping’s strong military thinking, adhere to the party ’s absolute leadership over the people ’s army, and follow the example of the hospital ship “He square boat” to faithfully fulfill the mission and tasks of the new era in order to fully build the people ’s army into a world-class army. And work hard.

  The “Model of the Times” release ceremony read the “Decision of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Granting the Title of” Model of the Times “to the Navy’s Hospital Ship” He square boat “and played a short video reflecting the advanced deeds of the hospital ship. Responsible comrades of the issuing unit, officers and men of the army, and local mass representatives attended the release ceremony.

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 9:06 am

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