The results of recent national defense scientific research experiments will be used to develop

The Chief of Staff of the Korean People’s Army, Park Jung-tian, said on the 14th that the results of the recent defense scientific research test conducted by North Korea will be used for North Korea ’s development of “another strategic weapon” in response to the United States. Nuclear threat.

  North Korea ’s Central News Agency quoted Park Jung-tung as saying that the North Korean Academy of National Defense ’s recent successes in carrying out significant tests and making a significant contribution to strengthening the national defense force, “I am very happy about this”. He said that valuable data and experience gained from recent defense research experiments and new technologies will be used in the development of another strategic weapon for North Korea to firmly and reliably respond to the US nuclear threat.

  Park said that only by ensuring a balance of power can true peace be maintained and the development and future of North Korea guaranteed. “North Korea has accumulated tremendous power.”

  He said that North Korea should be prepared to deal with the political and military provocations of the hostile forces, as well as dialogue and confrontation, and the North Korean army will implement any decision made by the top leader, Kim Jong-un, with practical actions.

  A spokesman for the North Korean Academy of National Defense Sciences announced on the 8th that North Korea successfully conducted a “very significant test” on the West Sea satellite launch site on the 7th. “The results of the test will soon play an important role in changing North Korea’s strategic position again.” On the 14th, a spokesman for the North Korean Academy of National Defense announced that North Korea will conduct another “significant test” at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site on the evening of the 13th, and that the recent achievements in national defense research will be used to further strengthen its “strategic nuclear containment power.”

Updated: December 15, 2019 — 8:38 am

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