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China-Japan First Astronaut Dialogue in Tokyo

China ’s first astronaut and deputy chief designer of China ’s manned aerospace engineering, and Japan ’s first astronaut and curator of Japan ’s Science Future Museum held a dialogue in Tokyo on the 14th. . Yang Liwei expressed his willingness to cooperate with countries in the world including Japan.   The dialogue on space exploration was […]

Former Fatah military strongman Dahran wanted for Turkish coup after wanted by Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior announced on the 13th that Mohammed Dahran, an exiled Palestinian politician and a former Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) military strongman, was included in the terrorist’s “number one wanted order”, offering a reward of up to 10 million lira USD).     The Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement that […]

No plan to temper the pilot’s resilience

 In mid-November, with a Warhawk “homing home” safely, the continuous early warning reconnaissance training of a divisional naval aviation division in the southern theater ended successfully. During the training period, more than 10 kinds of “enemy” air-to-air radar signals were intercepted by participating officers and men, and multiple training methods and tactics were tested.     “Fly with […]

“New Uniqin” in the New Era

issued a banner and a training speech to the newly formed joint logistics support force, and issued a command to “strive to build a strong modern joint logistics support force.” Integration of arms and joint support. For more than three years, how did this army build the “Battle for New Joint Logistics”? Not long ago, the reporter visited […]

How to Make veterans more happy

Departments of veterans affairs in various places have actively launched specific measures to provide better services and guarantees for veterans. Veterans are getting happier.     Another year of veteran season, hundreds of thousands of soldiers take off their uniforms, bid farewell to their comrades-in-arms, and move to a new stage of life. Retired soldiers have made important contributions […]